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Welcome to Modelcare


Welcome to Modelcare

Bem-vindo ao site da Modelcare - Lares de Terceira Idade! Nos nossos lares de idosos proporcionamos qualidade de vida ao melhor preço, com mensalidades desde 800 euros. Venha Visitar-nos!



MODELCARE - Center for Human Recovery and Valorization, Ltd., initiated their activity in the sector of nursing homes for the elderly in 2008, with two institutions in good state of preservation and hygiene with charter, one between Leiria and Pombal in the village of Ranha de São João, and the second in Boleiros – Fátima. Our activity is inscribed in the scope of nursing homes, homes for the elderly, resting homes, senior residences and assisted living.

We have available in our nursing homes for the elderly a vast team of young, dynamic and specialized professionals, consisting of two acupuncturists, three doctors with specialties in Internal Medicine, General Surgery and Psychiatry; four nurses, an activities organizer, social worker, Socio-cultural Educator, helpers and auxiliary staff; with the purpose of providing our elders the recovery and prevention of their health status, in the physical, psychological and emotional aspects, as well as to maintain the residents integrated with the comfort and self-esteem they would find in the bosom of their own family.

MODELCARE, beyond daily health and hygiene care, provide regional gastronomy adjusted to the elderly made on a daily basis in our facilities, our residents participate in organized activities, games, pastimes, gymnastics, plastic expression activities and others for the motor and cognitive development, religious worship practice with periodical Mass celebration (for the residents who choose to participate), visitations, excursions to the outside and commemorative parties.

MODELCARE – Nursing homes for the elderly, your best choice!